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A lightweight, upright, travel-fiendly stroller for a very tall 1yo

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Joyce • 28 Nov 2022

Hi Eli,

Just wanted to say, I love your website and your advice about strollers is the most realistic and practical that I’ve come across on the internet. Keep up the good work!

I’m looking for a practical every day lightweight stroller for use around the city - mainly for uneven, hilly sidewalks, parks and possibly going up and down stairs to subway stations. My child is currently a 25 lb, very tall one year old.

We also travel quite frequently so would love something that is travel friendly.

Do you think it’s realistic to expect one stroller to do it all, or should I expect to need two? We also live in an apartment so space is a factor.

We started with a Cybex Gazelle, and while we loved the bassinet while he was small, it now feels too bulky. We also tried the Babyzen which already felt cramped for our big guy, I also didn’t like the folding mechanism and the small basket. We then tried the Bugaboo Butterfly and while great for traveling it didn’t feel comfortable enough for everyday use in terms of suspension and I missed having a pocket on the back of the seat.

Budget is not a big factor. We are based in the US. I’m currently considering the Uppababy Minu (the piggyback board looks interesting!) and the Thule Spring (much heavier and less compact but have to say I’m curious about trying a three-wheeler). Would love to hear your thoughts!

Forgot to mention that I’m looking for something that can sit quite upright which I haven’t been able to find in most ultra compacts.

Eli • 28 Nov 2022

Hiya, Joyce,

Firstly, there is not completely upright ultra-compact. The closest are actually the Bugaboo Butterfly, the Joolz Aer, the Chicco Goody, and perhaps the Emmaljunga Kite, none of those is upright completely, they are all a bit slanted (much less than the Yoyo but still), as ultra-compacts and overall lightweight pushchairs simply cannot be completely 90 degrees straight up (nor very close to it) as it simply cannot go hand in hand with the made-lighter, more minimal design that is fold oriented. You absolutely need to count on that - very very few strollers are actually completely upright and out of those, pretty much all are full-featured reversible seat, less spacious and bulkier models.

The Thulse Spring is definitely a more go-to to in your case, as you say you do need the space for your larger, tall toddler (and he's only gonna get taller still), and you don't want slanted seats. Well the Minu will be very similar if not worse than the butterfly, seat and space-wise, so you need to take that into account.

Also good to check out is the Valco Baby brand which makes light, mid-sized, spacious pushchairs that are super light (no suspension though) and reasonably upright. Lastly I will mention the Peg-Pérego's Booklet as that is also quite upright, spacious, and overall feels suitable for what you're describing.

So to sum up, you won't be happy with an ultra-compact and I would not recommend getting another one, you won't get further than with the Butterfly really. Find a light though not as small mid-sized, light and flat-folding forward-facing pushchair if the comfort of your kid is in first place in the requirements.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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