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A lightweight, super compact stroller for a 3.5 years old

Sharon West • 21 Feb 2022


I'm looking for a stroller something quite compact. He's just hit 15 kg and is around 97cm tall and is 3.5 years old. It's mainly for days out etc. as he struggles with busy places (he's awaiting an autism assessment). Anything under or around the £250 mark.

We currently have the Oyster Zero I find it's still quite big and heavy once folded and the brakes are super stiff.

Eli • 22 Feb 2022

Hi, Sharon,

Don't, please, expect your stroller to be lighter much than the Oyster Zero. I mean, it is about 7. kg and even ultra-compacts are sometimes heavier - or lighter by 200 - 300 grams. So the weight, you'll have to endure - the more so if the stroller should be carrying a 3.5, 15 kg toddler.

I actually wouldn't swap. You'll end up disapponted.

...But if you really really must have something even smaller, you absolutely need it to be sturdy enough - so cheap ultracompacts (more about them here) will just disappoint you. I myself would look at the Joolz Aer as that is a travel model with a high backrest, which is rare. I know, it is not cheap, BUT you can always get it second-hand and save money (and your nerves) instead of buying a cheap model that will shake and rattle and be impossible to push and after a few weeks fall apart - not even talking about a short backrest that will make your child's head falling backward). Still, this size of buggies is meant for OCCASIONAL use only, so count on a smaller stroller not to be very comfy anymore after it gets downsized in terms of seat, wheels - and everything else.

And, about the brake - read our cleaning and maintenance guide for stroller users and oil the brake a bit ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.