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A lightweight stroller with an upright seat and a large sun hood after a Cybex Priam

madi • 27 Aug 2021

I need a lightweight stroller with a snack tray that is still nice, upscale, and comfortable for the baby. I need it to have a lot of coverage from the sun also. I currently have a Cybex Priam, my daughter is now 1 year old.

Eli • 30 Aug 2021

Hey, there, Madi!

After a Cybex Priam, of course, you're accustomed to a design standard - so I am going to focus on truly upscale while good-quality strollers. The one thing to mention, however, is that lightweight, compact strollers usually do not feature a completely upright seat - that is the stroller compromise - 'the price to pay' for the low weight. Adding a requirement of a tray for the child will narrow the choice even more.

I would probably start with a Cybex Mios - there's the possibility of a tray, the space inside the seat is very nice, and as a reversible-seat stroller, the sitting position is rather upright.

Next in line, but already a heavier pushchair - the Nuna Tavo accepts a child tray and offers plenty of sun shade. The seat is reasonably, even if not completely, upright, and the stroller drives nicely. Do count on this mid-size model to be bulkier than the Mios or any ultra-compact travel stroller.

My next suggestion would be a Baby Jogger City Mini2 with an optional snack tray. YES, a little less elegant ride, but a VERY comfy one and a VERY spacious one so it will last. Also, a high-quality buggy, and even if not 90-degree upright, most children feel very good inside. A Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is, in my opinion, a cheaper-feel option, but an upright one at that, and with the snack tray as well.

If you, by chance, would accept a no-tray, no-bumper bar buggy, I would suggest an Uppababy Minu for sure - the sturdiest, probably, from the really small strollers, so it will last you both space-wise, practical functions-wise, and quality-wise.

The Mamas&Papas Airo is also a pushchair that boasts a (relatively) upright seat, at least the manufacturer, Mamas&Papas, suggests so. Do remember that is a travel stroller mostly, so not the most all-terrain capable and suitable best for more occasional use. Its sun coverage is also not the best, given it's an ultracompact.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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