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A lightweight stroller that has larger wheels than the MB Nano and accepts a Britax car seat

Maya • 08 Jul 2022

Hi Eli,

I am looking for a travel system for our Britax Babysafe i-Size 2, compact-fold, so it would fit in our trunk, less than 10kg, with bigger wheels than the Mountainbuggy Nano...

Ideally, the stroller would have a universal car seat adapter, like the Mountainbuggy Nano. I have owned the Mountainbuggy Nano and Maclaren Atom, but it doesn't work for me because the wheels were too small (Nano) or blocked too often (Atom). It doesn't need to be an ultracompact or lightweight stroller.

What could you recommend?

Eli • 08 Jul 2022

Hi, Maya,

I am sorry to say I cannot think of many other strollers with that universal system to attach a car seat, I am sorry. You will most probably need a Britax pushchair of a mid-size class (as ultracopmpacts simply will have small wheels), or a stroller that offers Britax adapter set, which will narrow your choices quite a lot.

For larger wheels, I would most probably suggest the Britax B-Motion Plus, even though you'll be upgrading to a rather bulky-ish pushchair. You can also try the Britax B-Agile R, though people are not as happy with this one as it is not much for terrain.

My personal choice would be a Baby Jogger, the City Mini or City Mini GT line as those also accept the Britax car seats with the dedicated adapters.

I would also think about swapping the car seat, or using the car seat only in the car if you want more options.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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