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A lightweight stroller for first-time parents - what to look at?

Faiz • 11 Sep 2021

Hi Eli,

Can you suggest to me a lightweight stroller? I'm a first-time parent and both my spouse and I are working. So we think light weight stroller would be the best if one of us is not around to help set up the stroller.


Eli • 11 Sep 2021

Hello, Faiz!

A very good question, but not a complete one. I would very much appreciate more detail - like the stroller budget (as this is a very important factor), the country you live in, the strollers that are available there and perhaps which you like (at least design or price-wise, so I know what you gravitate towards...).

In any case, I will try to be more general in my advice, but I strongly suggest you read some of these stroller-choosing guides to inspire yourself and know more which factors come to play when choosing a stroller and how to look at stroller priorities.

From the light strollers/0 stroller systems I loved, I can most certainly recommend the Cybex Mios if the budget is not too low. It's a small but very pretty while very functional pram & pushchair and I truly enjoyed how it pushes and the space inside as well. An Easywalker Charley (read the EW Charley full stroller review here) was also a sturdy while nice model to me, but its style is not to everyone taste (and it's not available everywhere).

From the non-reversible-seat strollers, I can honestly recommend the very lightweight while, to me, very practical Oyster Zero by Babystyle - it takes a carrycot and a car seat (with adapters) as well as it's very easy to use & to fold while being wide and roomy in the seat for later use. Just, the non-reversibility is sometimes an issue with 1st-time parents. I absolutely can recommend Baby Jogger strollers as they're good quality and the non-reversible models are rather lightweight as well.

Lastly, look at Joie strollers as well. Their price is nice, the quality & the price-performance ratio are good enough, and they look good. Also, there are some new and cool models - so apart from the Joie Litetrax 4 DLX that is also compatible with a bassinet or a car seat (Joie capsules even without adapters), there is the Joie Finiti or the height-adjustable Joie Aeria.

My last advice will be, read more, check the stores and what's ou there, try something in real life, and write me again. I will help you choose between different models and orientate better when knowing the offer and the budget, as well as any other requirements you might have.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.