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A lightweight stroller for every day use and a small apartment + 7mo baby

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eli & vii
Fernanda • 10 Dec 2022

Hello Eli.

I'm looking for a lightweight stroller for every day use and as I live in a small apartment, a nice small fold, my baby is 7 months old. What would you recommend?

Eli • 10 Dec 2022

Hi, Fernanda,

If you need something reversible with such a - quite small - baby, I personally would go for the Cybex Mios. Spacious enough while really small overall, and the quality is good. Apart from that, a Quinny Zapp Flex could be a nice idea.

From non-reversible strollers, you might want to consider Thule Spring or even better, a
, as they fold compact enough while being spacious so they will last you till the end (unlike ultra-compact trvel strollers that should only be used for occasional use and are very narrow and overall not roomy).

Best would be to set up your budget and some expectations, and if I did not pick what you had in mind, just write again ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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