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A lightweight stroller for a grandmother that folds with one hand

Liz • 21 Mar 2023

Hi Elli,

I’m a grandmother and finding the Bugabbo Fox buggy too heavy and struggling to fit in my car.
I’m looking for a light weight stroller (less than 7kg) that folds one handed. I’ve looked at the Joie Tourist Signature the Chicco Goody Plus and many others I'm afraid I might have missed a better option - I’m just baffled now.

Can you suggest the best option for me, please?

Eli • 21 Mar 2023

Heya, Liz,

I think you went the right way with the Chicco Goody+- I mean, it is on the simpler side, fabrics-wise, but it has a tad larger wheels and folds automatically, which you may find quite practical - no need to bend. So that's an ok option for you for sure. I personally would not go for the Tourist as the seat there is very very slanted, meaning the child is kind of half-sitting, half-laying, and many find that uncomfortable.

Another options I will mention are the Easywalker Jackey which also folds with one movement of your hand, the leclerc Magicfold or the leclerc Influencer which also folds like that plus looks rather pretty, and the Cybex Eezy S+² which is small and light but has a bit larger wheels so won't be as rattly and uncomfortable to push over bumps as the other ones. And lastly, the ABC Design Ping Two is a sturdier model that may last you better (without getting wobbly too much).

If you see the Goody Plus at a nice price, why not. Check these other options and if something feels better or is on sale, all of those ar nice options.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.