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A lightweight, spacious stroller with a large canopy, large basket, and a bumper bar under 200 GBP

Emma • 19 Jun 2021

Looking for a lightweight stroller for 20month-old, preferably taking over 18kg to see him to 4 (and big enough for him to comfortably fit then - currently 25th centile for weight and 9th for height). I would like a large UV sun cover, a bumper bar, and a generous basket. Would like it to withstand regular use.

I will use our travel system one for proper terrain so the lightweight stroller should be city-based but sometimes able to cover a decent distance. Sub £200, please.

Any you recommend over others?

Eli • 21 Jun 2021

Hello, Emma,

Do count that with a limited price and a need for a light, urban stroller, there will be compromises with such a stroller. I am just saying that a lightweight - usually meaning a smaller pushchair or buggy - that should comfortably accommodate a large toddler while being decent for regular use and long-distance strolls is, yeah, quite difficult to get by.

I would, in any case, start with the Oyster Zero that is wide/roomy enough, with a super large canopy and a nice push overall so it should suit you just fine. The only thing might be the price - it's usually around 240 - 250 GBP. It should be, however, not that hard to find a sale or a promotional coupon/voucher. With it being pretty much perfect for you, which is quite rare, it's kind of worth checking everything out (or paying a bit extra to be comfortable).

Apart from maybe a Quinny Zapp Xpress that kind of fits your budget, or a cheaper (but lower quality) Kinderkraft Grande, my next suggestion would be looking for a pre-loved pushchair from a better brand. Maybe a Baby Jogger City Mini would suit you...

Think about it, and either compromise on features, on the price tag, or the novelty of the buggy... Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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