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A lightweight, spacious and sturdy pushchair under 270EUR fitting a large baby

Nadia • 15 Jun 2021

I would like to buy a lightweight (under 9kg) but durable and foldable stroller for a big baby (now he is 7 months old and his weight is around 10 kg and his height 72 cm) with extendable, if possible let rest. We live in a city with very poor preserved pavements. Our budget is 270€ maximum and our first stroller was Moon Resea Sport. We also need a waterproof canopy with UV protection as well.

Thank you

Eli • 15 Jun 2021

Hello, Nadia,

for this price, I will most certainly suggest a non-reversible, world-facing-only pushchair. That will be less expensive and also more spacious for your baby. The first that came to mind was a Britax B-Motion Plus, which, I know, is heavier than you wanted. BUT it will last you even for a LARGE toddler and will tackle bad pavements as well.

Another model I thought of would be a TFK Dot 2 or a Gesslein S4 - these are quality stroller that I think you'd like if you'll be able to get your hands on those.

Lastly, I'll mention a Valco Snap 4 Sport with inflatable wheels, or maybe the better version, Valco Snap Sport Trend. I was also thinking about the Petite&Mars Street+ with Air wheels or the Petite&Mars Royal but they're also not available everywhere.

Remember that you always need to go for one, two main priorities when choosing a stroller and you cannot get cheap, lightweight, roomy, and foldable all at the same time. You either get all-terrain or light & compact, and either small or spacious... And the affordability makes the choice even narrower.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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