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A lightweight, reversible while compact pushchair after a bulky pram

ANKA • 31 Aug 2021

Dear Eli,

First of all: I am a big fan of the website.

I have read many reviews but now I am stuck. I have a 4 months old baby who will grow out of the bassinet very soon. (We have a Bexa Roxy) She can't sit yet; she's approx 6.4 kg.

I would like to ask your opinion on a compact, not so heavy, comfortable stroller which can be a good choice for longer-term and which is not so big when folded. (Need to put in the car as well) I'd also prefer if it would be reversible, foldable with one hand.

Terrain: urban, hilly.

Budget: Maxi-Cosi type of budget we have (or maybe more expensive - then I will go for a used one).

Design is not a high priority but good quality is.

Thank you so much.

Eli • 31 Aug 2021

Hello, ANKA 😊

I absolutely understand and feel your struggle. I can imagine that after a Bexa Roxy pram, you'd like something much less bulky and more practical to use and fold. The thing is, you need to count on a reversible pushchair being bulkier and heavier - and also less spacious, aaand more expensive the better quality it is - than any non-reversible stroller out there. You might take into consideration that around circa 1.5-2 years of age of your little girl, you'll anyway swap your stroller again for a non-reversible, lightweight buggy that won't be cumbersome with a child that already walks. Also, do bear in mind that the stroller's price will be reflected in its quality and finishes as well as features.

Having said that, I'll move on to budget options and then to a bit better ones. From the lower price range, a nice price-performance ratio can be found in a Joie Versatrax or a Joie Finiti. The Moon ReSea S or the Muuvo Quick 3.0 are actually quite nice for the price as well.

From the really low price tag point of view, Kinderkraft Vesto could work but there, the quality is lower (that's rather normal for Kinderkraft and similar stroller brands of this price point. It, however, could make sense if you would think of the stroller as a for-now one and change it in a year or so. Just an inspiration of how to approach your situation and see what's out there

From the even lighter strollers out there that would be worth buying even pre-loved, I must say the Cybex Mios is a quality build while very urban, very nice to push the stroller with enough space even for a 4yo (I tried with my eldest). I really enjoyed the Easywalker Charley as a compact reversible option, quality-wise (read the full Easywalker Charley stroller review right here). These two I'd recommend for sure, and I'll add the Joolz Hub, which is probably the highest-quality Joolz available at the moment. Not the roomiest but a quality compact reversible model for sure, so worth looking up in classifieds.

In the end, I'll mention a Valco Baby Ultra Trend. A lightweight reversible for sure, and middle ground, features-wise, so be sure to check that as well.

Good luck! ❤️ And, please, do leave us a review of the pram you mentioned you own, the Bexa Roxy, here. You will help other parents making their choice - just as I try to do that for you by answering your question. Thank you so much!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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