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A lightweight reversible stroller of good design & quality - price doesn't play a role

Ana • 13 Sep 2021


I am searching for a new stroller.
We just bought Joie Tourist which is a disaster... 😅

I need a spot stroller for every day. That can fit in a small car, has suspended 4 bigger wheels (not too big), that doesn't weigh too much, provides a good shade, that can change directions of the seat, and is compatible with baby car seats, has good quality materials, and is built to last!! We are planning to have more children.

And of course, it has to look good. Price doesn't matter.

We live in the countryside, and we use our car a lot. Have 2 big dogs. Our son is almost one year old and has 9 kilograms and 75 centimeters.

The brand I love is a German fair trade, eco-friendly, small stroller brand ANGELCAB. We already have the big stroller from them.

Please help. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

P.s. We live in Europe. 😅

Eli • 13 Sep 2021

Hi, Ana!

Thank you for your question, it makes a lot of sense and I am actually quite sure what to suggest to you based on your in-detail description of what you need. First, however, if you had such an experience with the Joie Tourist, I would humbly ask you to leave a review of the Joie Tourist to help other parents make the right choice (in your case, the right choice of not choosing that one if the negatives you saw matter to them). 🙏

Moving on, I immediately thought of the Cybex Mios (2). A reversible-seat stroller (that I even used as a pram, with a carrycot), veeery good to push, light, with a long seat surface for the type and weight category... and actually better quality than its larger brother, the Cybex Priam 3.

Next in line, actually, would be an Angelcab, as you said you had a pram from this brand and were happy with it. Why not go with their Angelcab A-SERIES then? Very light, very like the Bugaboo Bee 6 or the iCandy Raspberry (that, both, are also nice candidates to what you are searching for), and the BIO quality and all you liked in your full-sized pram should be there as well.

I can't forget to mention the Easywalker Charley here as well - because it's really small while with a reinforced chassis that can take quite a lot as well. The full Easywalker Charley review can be found here, if that would help you.

I hope I provided enough inspiration! Do remember the reversibility of the stroller will always make it a little narrower, a little less spacious, a little bulkier than a non-reversible one... but that's the price to pay. With the quality buggies mentioned above, you should be still happy and content, I believe 😊

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.