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A lightweight pushchair from newborn. Inglesina Quid 2? Baby Jogger - which?

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Christine • 15 Jul 2022

Hello from Greece! Yes from Greece 😅

I searched aaall the strollers and now I am confused. I'm so lucky to have found you. I'm sorry for my bad English, too. I hope you find the meaning ❤️

So, I want something for a newborn and lightweight. I live in a village but I go often in the city and our roads aren't the best. There are narrow sidewalks and no large space for pedestrians. I like walks or shopping, you know, for everyday obligations.

As a family, we travel by airplane or by car for vacations. I live in a building without an elevator. I am alone, without car, yet (I hope) haha. Sooo, I find on Greeks sites that Inglesina Quid 2 is very good. Is it for a newborn? I want something up to 300€. Is Baby Jogger better? Which model? Something else?

Thank you cery much

Eli • 15 Jul 2022

Hi, Christine,

I will start with saying that the Inglesina Quid2 will not really do it here, it is an ultracompact (read more about those HERE), and those are pain to use everyday, especially with a small child which deserves more comfort and suspension. For only travels, it could work, but not for everyday life.

A Baby Jogger would definitely be better, especially a bit more all-terrain one – the City Mini GT2 especially, it will last so much better and even can accommodate a car seat, a carrycot... but it is a bit more expensive than what you need. Another, light one you could find useful would be the Oyster Zero, or perhaps a Valco Snap 4. With all three of these, though, I would recommend getting a bassinet OR at least a soft insert carrycot/cocoon, as a newborn will be lost in ANY only forward-facing pushchair (and that is why most parents, especially in Europe, use also a carrycot).

Be sure to check those out, and reconsider perhaps your budget a bit, OR check pre-owned, second-hand strollers of good brands, as they will make you so much better service, really (even those I mention). Check also for the bassinets, I mean, after being done with one, you can sell it or give it away... and be sure to read our guides HERE to start and understand the basics well. And write me if you still have questions, I'll happily help.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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