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A lightweight pram foldable with one hand - for a 6mo girl

Sophie • 12 Sep 2023

Dear Eli,

I am looking for a pram for my 6-month-old daughter. The following criteria are important: lightweight and foldable/unfoldable with 1 hand. Which stroller would you recommend? What do you think of the Nuna Ixxa stroller? I also like the Leclerc Influencer Air, the Cybex Coya, the Joolz Aer+. The Bugaboo Butterfly, but it doesn't have a fully reclining seat, so I gave up on that one. I can't decide, please help!
Thank you so much 😀

Eli • 12 Sep 2023

Hey, Sophie,

You listed travel strollers, so you need to brace yourself that any of these will be simple, not very all-terrain, and not crazy spacious. I am not sure I would want such a pushchair as the only one, everyday stroller for a 6 months old. In any case, the best option out of what you listed would, from my point of view, be the Aer+, which is the roomiest, the best made, and with a reasonable suspension. That would be my choice out of your options.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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