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A lightweight occasional stroller under £300 with good-sized wheels

Rachel • 15 Mar 2022

Hi there,

We're looking for a lightweight stroller for our toddler to use occasionally when our Maxi Cosi Adorra is too big/bulky. We won't be taking the new stroller on a plane, so doesn't need to be cabin-sized, but we would like something a bit more compact and lightweight. We'll be keeping it in the car for use when out and about (park walks, shopping trips, days at grandparents). Our priorities are:

- Large UPF sun canopy with ventilation
- suitable for 2-4yr old (so up to 22/25kg)
- Good sized, comfortable seat with adjustable leg rest
- minimum handlebar height 102cm
- Good sized wheels (we live in a countryside town)
- Under £300

We'd be really interested to hear your recommendations.

Thanks :)

Eli • 16 Mar 2022

Hi, Rachel,

I immediately thought of an Oyster Zero (handle at 102.5 cm). A light but super roomy, nimble pushchair even for everyday use that has a HUGE canopy. Not an all-terrain monster but I believe you'll ride more comfy than with your Maxi-Cosi Adorra. A Valco Snap 4 could also work as an alternative, but I preferred the Oyster Zero over the Valco, comfort-wise.

A TFK Dot 2 came to mind, too, and also a Gesslein S4 Air which I am unsure are available where you live, so just check those out.

From even smaller, pretty available strollers, be sure to check the Uppababy Minu (even pre-owned, believe me, it is worth it) as well - really smaller, but durable and of quality. A (now-only pre-loved as it is disAnd lastly, the Cybex Eezy S+2 is a small stroller with a bit larger wheels - again, it won't take you over harsh terrain, but it ticks the box of being compact and light while not being absolutely tiny-wheeled.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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