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A lightweight, lie-flat stroller for the city that is less than 30cm high when folded

Olja Ulični Nikšić • 09 Dec 2021

Which stroller would you recommend from the medium-sized and lightweight category where the main conditions are:
- has less then 10kg,
- folds in a cube,
- can go into 0 position,
- can fit behind the car seat (not in the car trunk) meaning that folded height is no more then 30 cm?

Other details that are plus, but not a dealbreaker:
- a large canopy,
- a large shopping basket,
- the seat rotates in both directions,
- belt buckels in 5 points,
- folding / unfolding by 1 hand.

We live in a city, travel a lot and use stroller daily for all household tasks.
We have a 13 month old boy who is hypotonic and asymmetrical. He has been on medical excersizes for 3 months now where he started crawling at the age of 1 and sitting 3 weeks later so we expect that walking will be late as well. So we will definitely use the stroller until summer and next winter.

Currently we have Joie Tourist that has served us well, but the canopy is small (little one hates direct sun) and the seat is very laid back which is not good for sitting support he now needs.
Currently, the baby is 1 year, 10 kg, and 78 cm.

The budget is flexible and we can get quite a number second hand so that issue is not so problematic. I know this is quite specific question, but we would really appreciate repply as soon as possible as our current stroller is having some issues.

We are getting bit lost in stroller world and variety so any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you!

Eli • 10 Dec 2021

Hello, Olja!

Thank you for such a detailed question with as much detail - it helps me to help you better! You took care and your time to tell me pretty much all I could need to make my suggestions as on point as possible.

I will start with - I would not go for a reversible seat in this case at all - your boy is one, meaning not a very small baby anymore, and a reversible-seat stroller will immediately be larger, heavier (or very loose in the joints, if not heavier and bulkier) - and less spacious, so it will last shorter. If that s not a stroller priority, I wouldn't even think about that option.

From the mid-sized, lightweight compact strollers, I would most certainly go for something a bit larger than the ultra-compact travel stroller you have right now - its size and purpose make it slanted, yes, but also less durable, less spacious, worse to manipulate. This size of strollers is truly made for occasional use and travel, not for everyday use, that is why it failed you. My own suggestion here would be either something like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (10.4 kg, 26 cm high when folded) - a quality pushchair that is super roomy and will last you on terrain as well as for a very large toddler, even - or go for the lighter "brother" of this, the Baby Jogger City Mini2 - 10,16 kg, foam-covered wheels; and/or the Gesslein S4 Air with larger wheels and super nice suspension while just 9.9 kg and 26 cm wide. The Inglesina Maior is a nice small option of 7.9 kg and 29cm height when folded, but it is a narrower seat and a little shorter canopy (not short, though). And I'll also mention the Valco Baby Trend which, at around 8 kg, boasts a HUGE seat with a HUGE sunhood, but not much in terms of suspension, which is not a problem per see.

I hope I helped! I believe any of these should fit you and your family. I wish you all the best and a beautiful holiday time to come!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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