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A lightweight last stroller (buggy) under $300 for an autistic child

KZ • 23 Mar 2022

I have a 41", 33 lb kid that needs a stroller a bit longer (she has autism and is a "runner"). She fits the weight limit of most strollers, but height is a different issue (she is growing out of the Uppababy Vista).

What lightweight stroller option would you recommend? We are looking for something lightweight, folds easy, easy to steer on paved surfaces and hopefully under $300. We are done having kids, so the stroller only needs to serve this one kid.

We are currently looking at the uppababy Uppababy G-luxe, but not sure if there are other strollers we should be considering given our current situation. Looking forward to hearing your advice.

Thanks so much!

Eli • 23 Mar 2022

Hey there, KZ,

Actually, the G-Luxe, if you are OK with a two-handed push of an umbrella stroller, will serve you just fine. An Uppababy Minu would also work fine here, and with the field handlebar, it would be easier to push.

I will also recommend more spacious strollers such as Oyster Zero or a Baby Jogger City Mini2 which will last you definitely until the end of stroller days.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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