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A lightweight from-birth pram for London parents without a car or a lift ~500GBP

Doris • 19 Mar 2022


We are expecting our first child this June and are trying to decide on a stroller.

We live in London on the first floor, up narrow stairs with no lift, so would like it to be light as possible and nimble. Additionally, we do not have a car, so if we are to take it on the trains with no lifts this being lightweight would also help.

We are open to budgets but probably looking around 500GBP. We would need a baby option as well as 6m+.

We were recommended the Yo-Yo as a good lightweight option by some friends, however my partner is tall and I would like to have an extendible handle for him to use it comfortably. We have also looked at the Cybex Melio but I am not reading very good reviews on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Eli • 19 Mar 2022

Hey, Doris,

I see your struggle. I am, however, quite opposed to a Babyzen Yoyo as that is NO everyday stroller. It is small, slanted, rattly on bad surfaces, and narrow - a baby around 6 months will actually suffer in that non-lie-flat seat, and later, it will hand as the seat is superbly slanted, not upright at all. So, size. and quality of the frame-wise, yes, it is a nice stroller, but only for occasional use (read more in this article about ultracompacts).

Moving on, your best options actually are real from-birth strollers, ideally with a carrycot or a coccoon option, and I personally would suggest a Cybex Mios. I know, not the most budget-friendly, but doable, AND much higher-quality than the Melio which is actually a low-cost version of the Mios. I actually used it with my third in a city, and I was pleased with the quality a lot. You'd even do well to check them in classifieds, second-hand, as you'll save some money as well as environment. But really, even used Mioses are actually, usually, in a good condition as these are urban strollers, no terrain beasts.

Apart from that, check the Easywalker Charley (full Easywalker Charley review here), Joolz Hub, and also the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus which is maybe a bit heavier, but still light, spacious, compact, and with a nice handlebar (+ coccoon option for newborns, no need for a carrycot). These are smaller prams that actually will be comfortable for the baby as it grows, as least much more than a Yoyo would be.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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