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A lightweight double stroller for traveling

Danjelle • 15 Apr 2022

Do you have a lightweight/travel double stroller that you recommend? I think I’m between the Mountain Buggy (Nano) Duo and Valco Ultra lightweight Duo trend but I’m not sure if you have another recommendation. We’re willing to spend whatever is needed for the best one (easy to use, light weight, comfortable to push, etc).


Eli • 16 Apr 2022

Hi, Danjelle,

The thing here is, for traveling, you need as small as possible. As any full-sized or mid-sized double will simply be huge for traveling. That is why I would most certainly go for the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo, as it is one of the smallest folding ones. The push, of course, will nt be an all-terrain comfort one, but it will do, especially for travels.

Another small-folding stroller, but with quite small seats as well, is the Baby Monsters Kuki Twin.

If you'd be ok with taking something larger, I personally would still look at something forward-facing only, as those are much flatter and also lighter. My own advice, if the budget's not an issue, would be something like a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double.

And if Valco, the Valco Baby Slim Twin, if available in your country, might be an OK choice as it is rather narrow.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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