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A lightweight, compact urban buggy with a travel system option

Zsofia • 20 May 2022

Hi Eli!

I am looking for a light weight, easily manouverable and foldable urban stroller that is car seat adaptable. This would be our second stroller to use when moving around in the city and I would very much like to be able to pop our car seat on the stroller for now as our little one is 3months old, too young for a sports seat just yet. (We have the Maxi Cosi Pebble).

We have an ABC Design Cobra 2in1 (basinet and sport seat) which I like just fine for walks in our neighborhood, but it is too heavy and bulky for city moves. We got it used from a friend for free. We also received from friends a used Chicco London sport stroller which would serve the purpose as second stroller but unfortunately it is not car seat adaptable.

What would you recommend? My aim is to have something onto which I could pop the car seat bow and then later on use it as a sport stroller when moving around and about with the baby in town.

Thanks in advance! Zsofia

Eli • 21 May 2022

Hello, Zsofia,

I absolutely get your struggle. The solution also depends on how small you need the pushchair/buggy to be, and if you plan on using it till the end meaning you need a spacious enough seat even for a toddler. If so, my own choice would be something like an Oyster Zero which is light but nice to push as well as super spacious for later on. A Valco Snap is also similar, even if worse to push for me, but really popular as a second stroller for its low weight and easy folding while roomy enough seat.

From the even-smaller buggies, I would recommend anything from a GB Qbit+ All-City, a Cybex Beezy or Cybex Eezy S+2 (this could suit you for its larger wheels), or a Joolz Aer even (high quality and nice suspension but not a cheap model). Perhaps a Mountain Buggy Nano V3 could also work for you as no adapters are needed to attach a car seat, they use a strap to secure it in place, which is a simpler but more universal solution.

Try to think about your budget or even the option to get a pre-owned buggy second hand, check which ones are available to you, and if in doubt, just write again ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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