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A lightweight, compact stroller with a tall seatback

Northsouth • 06 Feb 2022

Can you please recommend a lightweight stroller with a tall seat back? I have a large 2 year old who still naps in a buggy. We are going on holiday soon so are looking for something easy to transport and great for naps on the go. I have tried the Babyjogger City Mini and found it too heavy/bulky. I have the silvercross zest which fits him well but is awful to push and has an awkward recline for nap time.

Any suggestions?

Eli • 07 Feb 2022

Hey there,

I will recommend a Joolz Aer here. It doesn't lie flat but reclined enough for a toddler to nap in (tried and tested), and from the compact strollers, it is the one with a tall backrest (almost none are). Also, it pushes quite nicely as the wheels and suspension are well made.

The Ergobaby Metro+ is also nice, but not as seatback-tall as the Aer. Still, a nice second option.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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