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A lightweight compact stroller for everyday use - which are the best?

Richard • 20 Apr 2022

Hi, I’m looking for a lightweight compact stroller for everyday use. What would the best options be?

Eli • 20 Apr 2022

Hi, Richard,

It all depends on how compact you want - and really need - your buggy to be. The child's age and a lie-flat necessity are also huge players in here (and so is the reversibility). Many parents nowadays want the smallest possible, an ultra-compact stroller, while forgetting those are actually not everyday strollers that would be comfortable for larger toddlers or any terrain at all. If still thinking about such a cabin luggage-sized pushchair, read this top 10+ ultracompacts of this summer article HERE. Out of those, the Uppababy Minu might be your best small but sturdy everyday bet.

Next in line are the best everyday lightweight options, which means mid-size forward-facing-only pushchairs that offer the lowest weight while staying comfortable and spacious enough even for larger kids. From the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 through ABC Design Avus to Oyster Zero, something under 9-10 kg while still offering a comfortable ride for the kid as well as the parent would be my personal suggestion.

Lastly, if a reversible stroller for smaller child is what you search for, you'll have it hard as they are bulkier and heavier while less roomy for the child. Still, a Cybex Mios or a Cybex Eezy S-Twist+² would be the lighter, better in terms of spaciousness options out there.

Think more, perhaps, about how small you need your stroller to be, how small is your little one, and what terrain/conditions/uses will you be using your stroller for. The budget, of course, is an important factor here too. If in doubt, write again ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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