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A lightweight, compact everyday stroller for a 18-month-old

charlie • 05 Apr 2022


I'm looking for a stroller for my 18 months old. He has a long body so I need a large seat back height that will last a good while. Also want something comfy for him, so preferably quite an upright comfy seat, easy fold (not umbrella), and quite lightweight/small fold as I need to lift it in and out of the boot.

This will be my main stroller and be used for days out, shopping, etc., but I don't want anything all-terrain and bulky. I'm getting rid of my Jane Kawai travel system as this is now too bulky and he has outgrown it height-wise.

Eli • 05 Apr 2022

Hi, Charlie,

You should definitely go for something mid-size under 10 kg. My own choice would most probably be something in the likes of a Baby Jogger City Mini2. The Oyster Zero, Gesslein S4, ABC Design Avus, Valco Snap Trend and similar pushchair will work the best, as the weight is doable while the space for the child is nice enough for the little one not to be cramped like in an ultra-compact stroller, so that would be my best advice.

From the even-smaller buggies, I would look at the Uppababy Minu, TFK Dot 2 or a Baby Jogger City Mini Zip (pre-owned). The upright seat might, however, be a problem, as very few strollers have a real upright seat (mostly the reversible, less roomy ones), and the less so a non-reversible lightweight buggy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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