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A lightweight but durable pushchair with a belly bar under £250

Orla • 16 Feb 2022

Hi Eli,

I am lost in this immense stroller world, I need some help, please.

I am looking for a second stroller for our 4 month old baby. Our main stroller is a second hand Uppababy vista in very good condition.

I was interested in the Armadillo from M&P based on its overall characteristics but did not purchase it in the end as there is no bumper bar available to purchase (out of stock). I feel the bumper bar is a necessity for security and would be happy to purchase it separately. I don't like a t-bar one though as it would be difficult to put a footmuff on the stroller with a t-shaped one.

The characteristics I am looking for in a stroller:
- weight about 8-9kg
- easily manouvrable in a city, restaurants, caffes, trains, airports
- good suspension and durable wheels
- width of the stroller no more than 55-56 cm (as the Armadillo)
- easily foldable
- durable
- can be used from a few months old to toddler age
- bumper bar and raincover included or at least available to purchase separately
- extendable spf hood
- not more than about £250

A stroller that I am considering is the Easywalker Jackie. I really like the design and how it is easily foldable. However, since it's so lightweight, will it be flimsy and not durable? Also will it be wide enough to accommodate an average-sized 3 year-old?

Please let me know if I am asking for too much from a stroller.

Thank you so much for you help.

Eli • 17 Feb 2022

Hi, Orla,

I will start with the Jackey - you don't want this as an everyday stroller, and even more so with a 3 years old. As it is an ultracompact travel buggy - read more about those HERE, it will simply be very tight in space, with a shorter backrest, very small wheels, and the durability - well, it is better than cheaper models in the ultra-compact category, but is will not be durable nor all terrain by far. This I would only suggest if you needed something occasional and didn't care that much about space or durability.

Under 250 and under 8-9 kg, however, never count on the pushchair to be crazy durable in every condition. What I would, however, get, would either be an Uppababy Minu - for a small stroller, it is more durable than others (and you already have an Uppababy, so you know it is not a bad brand... BUT it doesn't offer the bumper bar option. That, btw, can be fixed partially by having a tailor made a semi-rigid one (like this one):

...or an Babystyle Oyster Zero for its nice suspension, wide, roomy seat, and a super large canopy (plus a weight of about 7.2 kg). It's not a stroller for mountains, but we tackled grass and all and it still worked very well. A TFK Dot 2, if you an put your hands on it, is also a nice choice.

My last suggestion would be a pre-loved stroller if your requirements are very strict and the budget not that high. Try looking for a pre-loved Baby Jogger City Mini GT(2) for example - ideally with one already having the bumper bar (it is also sold separately when getting a new one).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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