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A lightweight, affordable stroller in Malaysia. Joie Tourist, Hauck Swift X, smth else..?

Faiz • 12 Sep 2021

Hi Eli,

Thanks for answering my prev questions. This is details that I have left out previously.

I currently reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My budget would be around MYR0.8-1.5k

Currently, I'm looking at the Joie Signature Tourist model as well as the Hauck Swift X.

In terms of brand, so far I can find brands like Joie, Chicco, Nuna, Bugaboo, Recaro, Doona, and Silver Cross in a physical store.


Eli • 12 Sep 2021

Hello, Faiz, and thank you for getting back to me after the first question you asked me! This certainly helps quite a lot.

To the strollers you mention you're thinking about, both the Joie Tourist and the Hauck Swift X are actually utravel strollers = ultra-compacts, which means they are mostly meant for traveling (by plane, as cabin luggage that fits the overhead compartment), and to be like that, they're made as small as possible. That also means much less space in the seat, a slanted - not an upright seat of the stroller, and a frame that is much less sturdy as it's made so that it folds as compact as possible. While these strollers have their advantages, they also have quite a few cons to consider and they are NOT meant for everyday use. As such, they will simply not be comfortable enough and can soon become wobbly and bad to drive (or even damaged if overstrained).

If absolutely needing such a small travel stroller, I'll also recommend this article with the best 2021 ultracompact at least as an inspiration.

If I can suggest this, however, I would most certainly look at a wee bit larger strollers. Not large at all, but not this small either. It would not be the best from the long-term view and you might end up not being able to use it after some time.

If this is your budget, I'll firstly recommend the Valco Snap, even if pre-owned (I am not sure if and how widely is it available in Malaysia but I believe this is a very global brand. Overall, the Valco Baby strollers are very suitable in this case as they are lie-flat, VERY lightweight, while spacious and usable for everyday walks, absolutely.

A Hauck Rapid 4s could also work in your case, even if, in my opinion, a bit lower, quality-wise. Just like a Kinderkraft Grande, these are very affordable strollers and could fit your stroller budget.

You mention the Joie strollers being available... do check the lighter Litetrax lines as well, these would also work if you find a good price on these, I believe.

I wish you the best of luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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