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A lightweight (<7kg) stroller with a roomy seat, high weight capacity, large hood, and good for cobblestones

Sprinkle • 22 Nov 2021


I'm trying to decide on a lightweight stroller for my son (one next month). Preferably under 275. We live in England and we walk a lot, roads, cobblestones, etc. We travel a lot as well so want something lightweight (7kg and under) and folds easily and small. Want something that he can fit in for a long time, preferably to 22 kg. Want a big sun canopy, nonpuncture wheels, big basket, one handle bar, reclinable seat.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Eli • 22 Nov 2021

Hey, Sprinkle!

I get your point, but please, do understand there's NOTHING inder 7 kg that would be comfy on cobblestones. YOu need big wheels & sturdy chassis meaning higher weight. Cobblestones are a serious strain so the "bulkier" the better the properties while driving!

Moving on, I would, therefore, suggest something around 7-8-9 kg to suit you. My own preference here would be an Oyster Zero as it is light (a bit over 7 kg), with super large canopy coverage, a very wide seat (I could put two sons at the same time inside) and is WILL last you. It will NOT be an all-terrain beast with this weight, though.

My next suggestions would include a TFK Dot 2, a Baby Jogger City Mini2 (yes, this one can get a bit expensive some places), and similarly sized pushchairs. Only those will REALLY be able to accommodate a larger heavier toddler (as opposed to super small ultracompacts that only can do that ON PAPER, IRL they get too small for larger kids...

Hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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