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A lighter stroller that tackles various terrains, is eco-friendly, and suits different parent heights?

Zoeythecat • 30 Jun 2023

We are looking for a stroller that isn’t super heavy, can go on various terrains and functions (flat hiking trail and grocery shopping), is eco friendly (no flame retardants, etc.) and can accommodate a 5ft and 5ft 10inch parent. Also that doesn’t break the bank. Thank you for helping us find this unicorn! Previously we had a Citi Mini GT and it did the job, but I didn’t find it too exciting to use.

Eli • 30 Jun 2023

Hey, Zoey,

I am sorry, but not sure how to find you a bit more exciting stroller, as what you want, it sounds like, is something practical. Personally, if you felt the Baby Jogger City Mini GT did the job, I would actually suggest the same one, or better yet, the newer Citi Mini GT2 version which does have leg rest adjustment, too. I mean, there are pretty much no other this compact and light strollers that would at the same time be ok with worse terrain an this sturdy. That would be my best advice here actually.

Apart from that, you can try cheaper option (less spacious, or less sturdy, or bulkier) - like the Valco Trend Sport (super spacious, and nice with those inflatable wheels), but I don't think they're actually better than the BJ.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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