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A lighter pushchair for a 6mo and a tall, heavy 3yo

Custard • 21 Apr 2022


I’m trying to find a lighter weight (10kg or under) pram suitable for my 6 month old and tall and heavy 3 year old (107cm, 18kg). It’s for some public transport and going on holiday but not looking for an ultra light cabin size as I think we need something more sturdy.

Really wanting something with a quick and easy fold for public transport. Bonus points for something can be parent facing for the youngest but not a deal breaker. We have a GT2 atm but I hate the constant recline and it’s not great to push. The youngest is in an Oyster Zero Gravity but we’ve previously had bad experiences with the oyster 3 so are a bit reluctant.

Am I missing anything? Thank you!

Eli • 22 Apr 2022

Hiya, Custard,

I won't really suggest anything parent-facing as for a 107 cm toddler, that is pretty much not possible. Instead, I will tell you that you need something super roomy for the toddler, while not as much so for the baby (which means getting something roomy AND a cocoon for the younger one). You see it on the ocarro which actually has quite a long seat surface, but as a reversible model, the hood is lower and the seat is narrower.

I would actually suggest the GT2 as it is simply the most spacious model out there that is also sturdy and lightweight. The Oyster Zero Gravity is pretty good, too, while also not a completely upright stroller, it might work for you - I was quite pleased with the regular Oyster Zero and my song was ok in it.

Apart from that, perhaps the ABC Design Avus is now available (not everywhere, I am guessing), and it looks like a good option. I myself quite like the compactness and chunky wheels of the TFK Dot 2 BUT there is also a slight recline and it is not available everywhere. Check also the Thule Spring but there, the space is a bit tighter than on the GT2.

But if you liked the Zero Gravity, perhaps don't overthink it as no stroller will have it all, low weight, upright seat, suitability for a small baby and room for a large toddler...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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