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A lighter, more compact pram than the Venicci Vento, folding wth the seat reversed, <£250

Seren • 18 Nov 2021

Please can you help me! I have a 4.5 month old baby girl who loves her current pram (Venicci Vento) but her mama absolutely hates it! It's a lovely pram to push but super bulky, heavy, no fold with parent facing seat! Everything you don't want with a pram!

I live in an upstairs flat so I need a stroller that can fold up with seat unit attached, doesn't gave to be too compact or lightweight but a roomy basket is quite a big thing!

I do love the Joie Chrome but it's discontinued! I like the Kinderkraft All Roads, the my babbiie mb250 or mb400... but I don't like anything with a curved frame!

I also use trains and buses a lot.

I have a budget off £250-ish, please. can you help 🥺

Eli • 19 Nov 2021

Hey, Seren,

This is quite hard, mainly a good-to-push, reversible, folding-with-the-seat-attached-rearwards pram with a limited budget. My own go-to pushchair here would probably be the Joie Versatrax or the Joie Finiti, for which I'd probably hunt for now that Black Friday's coming. I mean, check for any coupon codes, vouchers, sales, and it will do you much more good than something cheaper and much less comfortable to push than the cheaper models you mention.

With a limited budget, the Kinderkraft All Road could be also absolutely acceptable, and this one actually doesn't have a curved/rounded frame, I believe!

P.S. The Joie Chrome is actually quite large when folded, so it might not be that big of help even if not discontinued ;-) The Joie Chrome DLX is pretty much (almost) identical in features while being still available in some places, but it, again, won't be the best stroller for your needs in my opinion!.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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