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A lighter 2-in-1 seat and bassinet stroller that folds in one piece

I K • 07 Jun 2023

Hi there,

I currently have the Kinderkraft XMOOV pushchair however finding it a bit harder to use as my 6 month old is getting heavier. I would like something a bit lighter that has the features that I like (2-in-1 seat , parent and rear facing and able to use a car seat) and also be able to fold down without removing the seat if possible!

Is this too much to ask? Lol. I have the Kinderkraft Indy2 pushchair (bought it for travel), but don’t think it can handle every day use but love how light it is! Do you have any suggestions please? Thanks!

Eli • 07 Jun 2023

Hey, I K,

Well, unfortunately, yeah, it is a bit too much to ask for. I mean, it is possible to fold some models with that 2in1 seat, but, usually, the stroller is still on the bulky, heavier side. Check the [maxi-cosi-zelia2|Maxi-Cosi Zelia2]] as such an option, though the seat size feels a bit smaller than the XMOOV's.

The Kinderkraft Juli is also on the lighter side but does not fold in one piece.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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