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A light, urban stroller for public transport & bumpy roads, large canopy + lie-flat, <300EUR

Linda • 24 Sep 2021


I am looking for a stroller for my 6 months old to take out to the city/bus/car and walk around the countryside.

I know already that the reversible is fine not to be there, what I care much is the sleeping position and the XL canopy for sun protection.

I am not sure how to find something for the city and mostly all roads, my budget can go up to a maximum of 300 eur. I saw different reviews on your website but could not choose in the end.

Kinderkraft is within my budget but the reviews are not so great, I will also need an adjustable handle because my height is 160 cm.

Can you help with understanding this topic? Do city strollers perform at least alright on bumpy roads (without a problem)? Any suggestion within my budget?

Thanks :)
Linda from Amsterdam

Eli • 24 Sep 2021

Hello, Linda!

A public transport-friendly, which means light enough while not too robust pushchair, will always be a stroller compromise when it comes to bumpy roads, cobblestones, etc. I will suggest reading our short guides about stroller wheel types and stroller suspension to understand that more, but the general info here is: the larger the stroller (and its wheels) the better on bumps and holes it will perform... but the less it will be suitable for buses and so on, as it will be larger and heavier.

In here, I would most certainly suggest a lighter option with an OK suspension, while you should be counting on the fact that the bumps will be felt a bit at least. My own choice here was an Babystyle Oyster Zero which is a wide-seat, nicely shock-absorbing pushchair with a VERY large hood and a pretty much lie flat... clocking in about 7.2 kg. I was happy with it even on grass. There's no adjustable handle but the pushbar's height was actually rather nice and I don't think you'll suffer using it at that height.

Next in line would be a Valco Snap or, if bumps are truly a priority, a Valco Snap Sport with air filled wheels (they will act instead of the suspensions). Still rather light, and without an adjusting handlebar, but still very suitable for your needs, I believe. The weight here being the biggest advantage, and the stroller's price OK.

If you have a TFK Dot 2 or a Gesslein S4, these should be also good, capable options.

Kinderkraft and similar brands are, I think, OK even with the few not-the-best reviews because there, the priority is the price. I think for normal urban terrain and not too demanding parents, even the Kinderkraft Grande could be fine - just don't expect too much...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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