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A light, trustworthy stroller for a chunky baby and traveling

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eli & vii
Marina • 14 Oct 2022

Hello Eli, thanks for the amazing job you do! Here's one confused parent. The stroller variety is so vast. Our needs are specific though:

8 month old baby, high percentile. High back, 11kg already. A chunky baby.

We need a second stroller to keep in the car boot and use daily to do the school runs of my eldest (which we do by car+walk) It will be used also on shopping trips and city walks.

It needs to be light, sturdy and very durable/trustworthy (as it will be opened twice daily… even if for a short walk). A fairly compact fold would be necessary, to allow for car trips with other luggage.

We do travel by air, however, it's Ryanair in 80% of cases. Only the Yo-yo meets their hand luggage size requirements; not sure I would risk it. (By the way, if you have info on this? Do people take other compact strollers onboard with Ryanair?)

I would totally get an Easywalker Jackey if it had an upright seat back. But it doesn't!

I noticed you had mentioned the Recaro Lexa in your articles/replies a few times. I like it overall, and it seems to have a taller-than-average seat back (it could do with a larger canopy, important in sunny Spain, where we live). However, there seems to be little info on this model.

Right. Thanks for reading. Would you be able to recommend a stroller for us?
Many, many thanks!

Eli • 14 Oct 2022

Hey, Marina,

I get your struggle. However, even with a more upright seatback, a tall, chunky baby would be tight in that small seat, I believe - I personally, from the longevity point of view, would not get that one, to be honest. Truth be told, all of the ultra-compacts will be a bit tight, perhaps the Lexa, and also the Bugaboo Butterfly (which is, btw, IATA compatible, which means the folded dimensions are compatible with the requirements for carry-on luggage just like the Yoyo's) or the Joolz Aer would work the best - even if a bit suboptimal still.

About Ryanair, it depends on which fare you go with, but if it is the cheapest, small backpack only one, then you probably won't fit even the Yoyo in that size (maybe, maybe not, depends if they will check). However, I think they do accept strollers for some small extra fare, which is the option I would use - and make use of a LARGER lightweight stroller, for your case it would most probably be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (as you mentioned roomy, sturdy, and compact, which it is) or the lighter Oyster Zero, something in that size category. Not carry-on sized models, however mouc, much more comfortable for the kid and the parent, too.

So, definitely go for a larger-seat ultra-compact, if you HAVE to go for such a small, pretty much occasional use stroller. Or use the larger option for comfort, pay the extra 15 or how much it is, and with many airlines you even get it as free baby's luggage at least up to the baby's 2 years (always check with the airline you choose). That would be how I would be thinking about this.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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