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A light, travel-style stroller from birth (that's also sturdy and with suspension)

Carolina • 21 Sep 2021

Hi Eli!

I'm a new mom and I am quite overwhelmed by the number of options to choose. Me and my husband would prefer a lighter stroller because we go out a lot and travel too. But it also should be comfortable since new born, with a seat that reclines when we spend a long day out of the house and the baby must sleep in the stroller.

Our city sidewalks are often irregular and we go to farms a lot, so suspension and sturdiness would be a selling point too. I've been looking for travel strollers that also accept car seats, do you have any suggestions?

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Eli • 21 Sep 2021

Hey, Carolina!

Right from the start, I'd like you to focus on truly think about prioritization when choosing the right stroller. I mean, you say sturdy and with shock-absorbtion/suspension on the stroller frame, BUT you also mention you want a light, travel stroller - which is a stroller for occasional, smooth surface use mostly, and not the best from-birth, everyday solution by far.

If truly insisting on a good ultra-compact stroller, I absolutely need to say that it should not be a budget stroller option. Quality, sturdiness, functionality cost skill when making them, and thus, money. I will suggest, for example, the Joolz Aer as one that even has some nice suspension, or maybe the classic Babyzen Yoyo with a newborn set. Both accept 0+ car seats (with adapters) and both should be fine, considering - but don't expect any exceptional performance at harsher terrains like a farm can often be.

I, however, must say that a light mid-size stroller would be a much better option for you and your baby, in my opinion. Comfort, push, wheel-size-wise, it will work better. My suggestions there would be an Oyster Zero from Babystyle, a Valco Snap or a Valco Snap Trend (no suspension there but very light and the wheels are large enough), or a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 if truly wanting something quality for terrain as well.

Try reading this guide about choosing the right stroller and the features you should be considering to make some things clear in your head. Do reach out to me again when having more ideas about which perhaps you liked, which features you decided to prioritize, and maybe with a budget in mind... I wish you good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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