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A light enough stroller system with a large canopy and a good car seat that can rotate on the base

Alexandra • 24 Apr 2022

Hi Eli,

Thank you so so much for taking the time in answer me, I really appreciated it.

Never thought choosing a stroller will be so hard and your website really helps a lot, thank you.

I have looked into the options you advise me and I have made a list of important considerations. (in bold)
Our little girl is due 28 of September. We live in Marbella, super-hot in summer and very sunny all year round so a big canopy is definitely needed.

As we are tall parents and daddy has back problems, we need a tall and light stroller but I would like to have all terrain wheels and good suspension as I like to go out for walks by the beach. Another thing to keep in mind also is we often eat out so a tall upright seat that can be incorporate to a restaurant table is something very convenient.

I have studied your articles a lot, and I believe that instead of a carrycot, we are better having a 2 in 1 car seat like Jane Matrix light2 or Cibex Cloud IZ that seems so much practical, I believe that the fact that the Matrix car seat has a rotative isofix base is an advantage as I have a jeep wrangler and the seats are very tall, but the advantage with a jeep is that I have no problems for space. I've been advised by some friends not to buy a carrycot as they never use it.

So maybe I will go for either the Jane Mum Pro or the Crosslight both for the weight or the Jane Trider. I like the Trider because the seat is quite high-up and can be used in a restaurant table, all of this combined with the Matrix light2.

For a more fashionable option the Cybex Priam combine with the Cloud IZ.

We don’t have a fixed budget, the most important thing is to tick most of the boxes.

Saying ALL this, I would really love your opinion and any comments you may have, maybe there are brands I haven’t considered ….

Thank you so much 😊


Eli • 24 Apr 2022


now I can see deeper in your needs than before :-) For sure you won’t get an all-terrain which will be very compact, but let’s see at the compromises.

The Priam I wouldn’t take as it rattles a bit on terrain, it is more an urban model than a terrain one. From the Jané models, the only really alô terrain one is the Trider, which is btw superb, just not too small and not all parents prefer three-wheelers. The Muum models are actually very nice but not as high up, to be honest.

A Stokke Trailz Terrain is also a very upright, very large-wheeled stroller but quite bulky, but it could be an interesting choice to look at. I would also think about the Bugaboo Fox as that is pretty much the only kind of all terrain that actually is light. An Uppababy Vista could perhaps work too, and the Easywalker Harvey with height adapters is not a heavy choice which is pretty comfy for the baby and even tall parents.

About the car seat, I wouldn’t recommend the Cybex as the materials made my kids sweat incredibly, and you cannot recline it in the car at all. The Jané car seats look nice, just a shame the ADAC could be better, AND the car seat is actually smaller so won’t last as much as the kg limit claims - which is not a problem per se.

My own suggestions would be the Kiddy Evoluna i-size/Evolution Pro, as they are incredibly safe and reclinable even in the car, which is healthier for the baby. I also like the Joie i-level also reclinable in the car, and also safe and sound. A nice car seat that can actually be turned to you, as you wanted, would be the Nuna Arra (I am not sure if it is available everywhere). And it is super light compared to other similar ones, which you’ll appreciate when carrying a growing child inside :-) Lastly, I will personally suggest a Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 which is also great for carrying, superbly padded, and almost lie flat - and also allows rotating it in the car. I really love the Maxi Cosi materials, my sons were the happiest in a Maxi Cosi, to be honest.

Hope I helped :-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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