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A light, compact stroller system for different surfaces: Thule Shine vs. Oyster 3 vs. Inglesina Electa

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Jess • 01 Aug 2022

Hi there,

I am struggling to decide between the Thule Shine, Oyster 3 and Ingesina Electa.

I am after a travel system which is light-weight and compact, but it sturdy enough for everyday use around the town (including some cobbled street and uneven pavements), is easy going up and down kerbs and is easy to fold/collapse.

I want to be able to use this from birth, ideally with a carrycot/bassinet and I don’t have a budget - I’d rather get it right!

Do you have any thoughts on which would be best or if there are any other models I should look at?

Many thanks,

Eli • 01 Aug 2022

Hiya, Jess,

I will jump-start this and go straight to the "I personally would get the THULE SHINE". I mean, from your requirements - a lightweight, compact travel system, I would immediately put the Oyster 3 away as it is reasonable, but not really light & compact, to e honest - more like a flatter though still full-size stroller system. From the other point of view, for all-round use, I personally would not get an Inglesina as they tend to be rattly a bit, and a bit too bulky (unexpectedly bulky) for a pretty much urban model.

The Shine is the smallest of these, while reasonably sturdy for the folded size, nice seat size for the overall size of the stroller, and has small-ish though chunky weels. Best for the city, but will tackle a bit more occasionally, it feels like it ticks most boxes out of what you are seeking.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.