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A light, compact reversible stroller for everyday use, cobblestones and travelling

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Tom • 05 Jul 2022

Hi Eli,

Could you help us narrow down the choice while taking into account the below priorities:

1. Good wheels with good suspension enabling a more or less smooth ride on city cobblestones
2. Easy to fold and carry as we live on the second floor without an elevator and store it folded in our apartment
3. More or less on the light side, ideally less than 10 kgs
4. Reversible lie flat seat as our baby is 4 months old, still lies flat and will slowly transition to a buggy mode in upcoming months
5. We don’t need a Cot
6. Nice-to-have: Sustainable & non-toxic materials, we would also look to buy second hand
7. Nice-to-have: Made in EU

- Budget: We are ready to invest around €500 for something that will last years, but feel free to propose cheaper/more expensive
- Lifestyle: City / Cobblestones / Travelling by train, car and plane
- Child: 4mo old, 7kgs
- We have Yoyo2 and don't like it
- Ideally we would like 1 stroller for her whole lifetime, needs to be durable and flexible

Thanks a lot!

Eli • 05 Jul 2022

Hi Tom,

As I mentioned in the previous answer, the softer the ride you want, the larger the wheels and the studied the chassis = the heavier the weight will be. This is even multiplied by the want of a reversible seat which adds weight but takes away from the seat space.

Apart from the Cybex Mios, which would actually tick a lot of boxes, just will have small wheels = worse ride over cobblestones which are btw quite problematic with pretty much any stroller that is not huge, but it could be a kind of compromise. With a bit larger wheels, but also a heavier, wider frame, the Joie Versatrax/Joie Finiti came to mind, and I would also consider the Valco Ultra Trend + Sport inflatable wheels which could be a nice compromise. I quite like the Jané Muum, even if not an all-terrain model, and I will also mention the
and the Uppababy Cruz which is sturdy but a bit too long when folded.

Perhaps go and try a few in a shop just to know how they look, fold and feel, and you could have a better picture in your head about what is and is not possible. And remember, that the reversible seat will simply not last till 3-4 years of age, and it will make the stroller bulkier.

P.S. Strollers made in the EU are mostly Polish strollers OR super expensive handmade German strollers, and there, I would not really recommend the Polish quality nor going for a super expensive Hesba or something.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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