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A light budget-friendly stroller with a bassinet up to toddlerhood + a side-by-side for bumpy terrain

Yosefa • 10 Jul 2023

Hi Eli!

I am looking for a stroller with a bassinet for my newborn that she could also use as a toddler.

I’d like it to be light enough for me to put in my trunk and still have space for groceries - I have a minivan. If it pushes fine on grass that would be ideal for trips to the park.

My budget is tight since I will need a double stroller in a month or so also and I rather splurge on that because I’ll be using it more and for very bumpy sidewalks. (If you have any ideas of what would be newborn compatible I rather have a side by side).

For the single I can spend under $500. Perhaps I can buy a used stroller and still get a good stroller. Do you have thoughts on a good model that would fit my needs? Thanks!

Eli • 11 Jul 2023

Hey, Yossefa,

For the single, from-birth stroller, I would look, perhaps, at Balco Baby strollers. They are light and simple but offer a bassinet possibility and have enough space for a toddler as well. A pre-owned Baby Jogger will also last you very nicely, and so would an Upababy Cruz.

For the side-by-side double, I would probably again suggest a Valco Snap Duo as it is practical but also not too expensive, and it drives surprisingly nice. A Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is a great choice for worse terrain & a side-by-side, just a bit more expensive. And of course, there's the Bugaboo Donkey which is super versatile for a double, but that is the most expensive one here.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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