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A lie-flat travel stroller for a 4mo baby under £200

Anj • 06 May 2023


Thank you for your response to my question looking for a lie flat travel stroller for a 4 month baby. You recommended the Ergobaby Metro+, the Recaro Elite, or the Cybex Eezy S Twist.

I will look to see if our budget can stretch to any of these, but if we were looking at one for under £200, which do you recommend from the following? MaxiCosi Lara 2, Joie Pact, Silver Cross Clic.


Eli • 06 May 2023

Hey, Anj,

From your choices - and you have to remember that the cheaper the new stroller will be, the less comfort and quality you need to expect, especially with these small strollers, many get disappointed - I would immediately exclude the Joie Pact as well as Silver Cross Clic. The Clic has many bad reviews and is not worth the money, quality-wise, unfortunately. The Pact also is not the highest quality one (the wheels are weaker), but is also very very slanted and not too spacious, it won't last you too long (but if you only mean to use it in the lie-flat mode and later get a different one, I guess you could be ok with it).

The Maxi-Cosi Lara2 is also not too spacious, but is at least more padded for a small baby, and the wheels are a tad more stable. I think that would be the best one of the three for your situation, but I am not sure I would get it if I looked for longevity, room-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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