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A lie-flat stroller for a very large baby that doesn't fit its canopy anymore

Caro • 20 Jun 2022

Our 7 week old baby is already 62cm and going to be too tall for the pram bassinet very soon. What should we do?! I hear some strollers have a lie flat option (e.g. Uppababy Cruz?) but then also that these aren't truly 100% lie flat so not safe for a small baby (if, say, he needs this at 3 mo).

A lightweight lie-flat option suitable for a looong and chubby baby (6.2kg currently) who is going to be a tall toddler - does such a thing exist? Many thanks!

Eli • 21 Jun 2022

Hiya, Caro,

The Cruz is definitely what you are looking for - as a bucket seat (more about those in this article here), it is slanted and best from 5-6 months up. There definitely are inserts that make the seat later, but also smaller, so it is not the best option if your baby is long and chubby.

You need a true lie-flat seat, e.g. such as a Joie Versatrax / Joie Finiti / Joie Aeria / Valco Ultra Trend has. However, if it is a reversible one, it will always be smaller (read more about reversible seat units here). One of the larger reversible seats are definitely on the Kinderkraft Everyday or the Baby Jogger City Premier. but those are definitely not lightweight.

What I would get in your situation is, therefore a non-reversible, forward-facing only pushchair that will be lighter while more spacious and also more compact and affordable. My roomy suggestions would be a Valco Trend (not Ultra, those are reversible), Oyster Zero (super wide seat and great canopy), Britax B-Motion 4 Plus (on the heavier side but a long seat for sure) or the Baby Jogger City Mini2. There, in the fully reclined position (and if needed, a cocoon for the baby) can be used with a 3mo facing the street, and will be spacious enough to last you longer than a reversible one.

P.S. Your baby can be a bit cramped in the carrycot, so if his legs are not already out, wait at least a few months more - babies were super squeezed in the belly, too, and it makes them feel safe, so don't think a bit tighter space of the carrycot needs to be changed immediately ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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