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A less bulky pushchair for a bigger toddler that will survive plane travel

Rebecca • 13 Mar 2023

Hi there,

I’ve read a few of your question and answers re: bigger strollers for bigger toddlers. My daughter has only just turned 2 and is quite tall. I tried her in a Joie Mytrax Flex and found that the seat was roomy enough but the hood is quite low and touched her head. She’s not even got a long upper body just long legs so was worried if I bought it that she won’t last two minutes in it. I bought a my babiie mb51 stroller last year to keep for a holiday next month but she’s too big (has a 22kg limit and she’s just over 16kg but her legs are already dangling past the foot rest). We have the Silvercross Pioneer 2020 as our main travel system but concerned if we take this abroad that it might get damaged on the plane and it folds with the seat attached but it’s quite bulky so worried it won’t fit in taxis with our luggage etc.



Eli • 13 Mar 2023

Hi, Rebecca,

It is true that for travelingm, the Pioneer is very bulky. I personally would definitely get something lighter though roomier, with a taller canopy. Similar to Joie Mytrax, but lighter while with a canopy higher up, I would recommend he Babystyle Oyster Zero. If your budget is ok with that, definitely check the Baby Jogger City Mini line as well, they truly can fit a large toddler even, and are quite sturdy so ok even if thrown around in a plane. The Valco Snap E Trend is huge in terms of space but not overly bulky and not heavy either. And also check the ABC Design Avus which has an almost 50cm tall backrest.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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