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A harder-wearing, all-terrain stroller system that will be easy to turn in shops, too

Sharon • 20 Mar 2023

Hi Eli,

I wonder if you could recommend us a travel system?

We're currently using the Joie Chrome DLX and absolutely love the maneuverability in small spaces and shops but we find it almost rickety over rougher terrain and since we live in an area with country roads that we walk regularly, we need something harder wearing. We'd like something with large and hopefully puncture-proof tyres and 4-wheel suspension capable of handling any terrain that feels good and sturdy but that hopefully also encompasses the easy turning capability of the Joie.

The car seat is not a huge concern for us as we have purchased a spinning one separately.
Thank you for your help.

Eli • 20 Mar 2023

Hey, Sharon,

Well, these things are not always as easy to put together. With a harder wearing system, you need to found on a tad higher weight as well as a wider frame. The only types that are super easy to turn, honestly, are three-wheelers, which is a type I would recommend you.

To combine that easy maneuverability and the harder-wearing feel, I would suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, it is a good compromise between the two. A Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle could also be a cool option for this. And I also loved the Britax Go Big2; maneuverability-wise, however it is not available anymore, and you'd have to go through classifieds to find one.

Definitely, I would not go for a large four-wheeler of a random sort, especially not a cheaper model as they will feel rickety pretty much every time - rather check three-wheelers and better brands pre-loved if the budget would be a problem.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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