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A good stroller that can be used in travel with a very small baby?

Dipika • 26 Jul 2023

Dear Eli,

I'm planning to buy Espiro Only Gel multifunctional stroller with black frame - 208 Stylish quartz 2023 for my new born, but I'm not sure if I can use it during travels especially in flights.

Could you please suggest a good stroller that can be used in travel?

Eli • 27 Jul 2023

Hey, Dipika,

Almosr any reasonably standard-looking stroller can be used on flights, so you can take your Espiro Only for sure, just not s cabin luggage. With many airlines, as baby's luggage (some have this as a free thing, but you need to check with the airline of your choice), with other ones you will simply have to check it in. I wouldn't stress out about a travel stroller with a newborn if you're not planning travels right now.

However, if you do, and need a cabin-sized one, I would suggest the Ergobaby Metro+ which is comfortably padded, lies flat, and can even create this bassinet-like environment around your baby. A nice and sturdier option for a newborn out of travel strollers.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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