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A good second-hand stroller that will last: Cybex Balios, AC Design Salsa, Britax Affiniti..?

Maki • 07 Feb 2022

Hi Eli,

Can you compare for me this strollers:Cybex Balios S lux, Abc Design Salsa 4 (not Air), Britax Affinity

I am thinking to buy a second stroller with a carrycot, second-hand model - something lighter, well-folding with a smaller fold size to be used with car. As the first stroller, we have a big all-terrain one.

I am 170 cm tall and sometimes it can be used by taller persons as well. I saw a carrycot of the Balios and it seemed so thin. We will have a summer baby and I would like to use carrycot for the longest time possible.

The stroller will be used in a city and light terrain. I tried to find also models that would last longer with a longer seat unit as well.

Thanks for your help

Eli • 08 Feb 2022

Heya, Maki,

Reading your question, I summed up your requirements in my head. It should be ok for a taller person, compact enough, the seat should be spacious, the carrycot, ideally, too, and the terrain is urban + light bumps.

From these, I will immediately discard the Britax Affiniti. This reversible pram is not roomy at all, the seat is actually quite small. Also not so compact, but the Salsa 4 is also not very compact, considering.

From your 3 models, the Balios S is, truly, the only reasonably compact model as it folds with the set unit attached - it folds in itself, making it MUCH flatter and compact. About the carrycot, read this article of our about carrycot and their dos and don'ts - you'll learn it doesn't matter that much if it is thin (and it is actually quite averagely thin, meaning normal). The most you need from a carrycot is a good footmuff inside in the winter (try Lodger, or any of your preferences), and a good size (it is on the narrower side but long enough).

So, from the overall point of view, I would go for the Balios S Lux as it ticks most of your important boxes. The more so if you already have a large terrain pram.

If only the carrycot would be your priority, the Salsa 4 from ABC Design would probably be the best. I wouldn't o for the Affiniti at all.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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