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A good 3in1 stroller system for a first-time mom

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Safa • 20 Sep 2023

I hope you are well. First time expectant mum here and overwhelmed by the amount of choice and options.

I am looking for a good 3-1 travel system (carrycot, car seat and stroller) I have been looking at the Kinderkraft XMOOV but am concerned about material quality and how comfortable it will be for the baby. I am aware good brands also include Bugaboo, Joie and Icklebubba. Could you suggest specific models or indeed other models/brands you think would be a good idea to take a look at? I don't mind the price range as I am open to looking for second-hand if needed - as long as it's comfortable for baby, comes with handy accessories, and is somewhat foldable and lightweight. I live in London so don't necessary need all-terrain, but good suspension would be great. A carry cot/car seat that can be used for sleep would be helpful.

I hope you can help.

Thanks a bunch!

Eli • 20 Sep 2023

Hello, Safa,

Bugaboos are overall very good strollers, so if you're open to a pre-owned one, any Fox or even a Buffalo would serve you well (and you'd still sell it after you're done with it). From Joie strollers, be sure to look at the Versatrax which's price-performance ratio is very nice in my opinion. The Cybex Balios S is also a nice mid-sized, full-featured pram for the city, so be sure to check that out. And I cannot forget mentioning ABC Design strollers like the Swing (smaller) or Salsa which are super spacious and long-lasting.

The XMOOV you mentioned is not a bad idea - it will serve you ok if you're on a budget and not too demanding, it's just on the bulkier as well as a bit simpler side, especially fabrics and padding-wise. If you'd go for it though, it won't be any catastrophe, from the cheap ones, it's actually an ok choice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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