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A from-birth stroller with a bassinet option foldable with the seat with one hand, suitable for a small elevator

Angeliki • 10 Sep 2022

Hi Eli,

I am Angeliki and I live with my husband in Greece in a medium size apartment. We drive a Toyota Yaris 2021. Our elevator is very small (88x95cm). Me and my husband love city walks, but also we often take short trips to nearby picturesque villages (meaning uneven roads).

We would love a stroller for a newborn (with a cot) that fits open in our small elevator, or one that closes with one hand with the seat on. We would also like a sturdy, safe stroller that has a decent size seat for our little one. Our budget is 700-1000euros. I am big fan of the Quax and Joolz style and aesthetic. I would appreciate any help!

Thanks a lot!

Eli • 11 Sep 2022

Hi, Angeliki,

From what you say, the limiting size of the elevator = the need of a small stroller is here the highest priority. I personally thought of the Cybex Mios as it is a really small, compact one while with a reasonably sturdy chassis, the fold you needed, and an actually rather nice seat size for the stroller's size. I know, smaller wheels, but with these smaller pushchairs, this will be an issue all the time. However, I had one for city life/apartment living and used it also on worse paths and mountain trips (occasional), and it handled it rather well.

If you like Joolz, than the Joolz Hub could work for you too, though that one is a tad larger than the Mios and the seat, because of the hood position, is said by many moms to last about 2 years in reality, as it feels smaller because of that. So that is a good-to-know thing, but at that time, you might want to change your reversible pushchair for a smaller buggy anyhow. The chunkier wheels could also be appreciated there.

Both of these offer a carrycot option and are of good quality so both could be a good option for what you describe as your living situation.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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