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A from-birth stroller system: Roan Bloom vs. Espiro Next

Veronika • 18 Feb 2023


I am 23 weeks pregnant for the first time and still looking for the stroller for my baby.
I am deciding between the Roan Bloom and the espiro-next|Espiro Next]]. The terrain is diverse. The baby is going to be born in June.

Eli • 18 Feb 2023

Hey, Veronika,

Bith prams you picked are of the larger, bulkier kind, and you have to count on that. That being said, I would definitely go for the Espiro Next line simply because it is made more practically. YOu will use the seat unit much longer, and that part is the most important in a stroller system - and the Esoiro's is simply better made and also more spacious. So out of the two, I'd take the Espiro Next.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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