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A from-birth stroller max. 18 cm wide when folded

Zac • 17 Aug 2022

I need a stroller that will fit in my (tiny) C-Max Grande's boot with both the seats up. So that means it needs to be no more than about 17 (maybe 18) cm wide when folded - height and length are not such a problem.

What are the options? It must have a bumper bar, rain cover and basket, and it needs to be suitable from birth. Thanks!

Eli • 17 Aug 2022

Hi, Zac,

There are none options really that I can think of. The only option perhaps would be the Babyzen Yoyo which is 18 cm wide when folded, though it is not newborn friendly per se - you need the extra newborn pack or a car seat to use it right from birth. I would, to be honest, go with something larger and fold it in fron of the seats (or take up a seat's space) rather than use this one from birth.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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