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A from-birth stroller for tall parents that is not overly expensive

Romain • 10 Apr 2022

What’s the best stroller for tall parents who don’t want to bent down too much to pick their newborn? We live in the city centre. Rarely use a car or taxi, but bus and metro. Like to walk. Like the Uppa baby Vista V2 but it’s quite expensive. We want comfort for the baby.

Eli • 11 Apr 2022

Heya, Romain,

The Vista V2 is truly quite a good option - but so is the Vista V1 which you could get cheaper pre-owned, second hand. So that could be a good solution if you're quite into Vista. A pre-loved Stokke Trailz is even taller, and the lighter Stokke Beat also works in terms of height, even if lower to the ground.

From the more affordable models, be sure to check the Joie Versatrax/Joie Finiti, the ABC Design Salsa is very tall, and then there's the Kinderkraft Everyday full Kinderkraft Everyday stroller review HERE.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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