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A from-birth pushchair for shopping as well as trails - is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 a good choice?

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Lisa • 15 May 2022

Hey Eli,

I have disappeared into the black hole of strollers and hope you can throw some light on my next purchase, please.

Firstly, your website is awesome, it’s the only place I have found that gives impartial reviews on such a wide range of pushchairs with all the stats to hand.

What’s important to me:

Canopy: has to be big, I want the protection without the faff of add-ons.

Suspension/wheels: I like to walk on tracks and trails, so it needs to handle bumps but not extreme.

Handling: easy to use round town for shopping.

Ventilation: especially when lying flat (almost flat) with canopy down, I’d like some airflow.

Easy to fold, will be in and out of the car and odd flight.

Tyres that won’t puncture.

Up to 22kg

Other nice to haves:

A belly bar that you can clip in to allow easy access without the need to remove

Adjustable handle bar

For child #1 my sister passed on her Baby jogger City Mini. I loved the easy fold, large canopy, ventilation, lie flat (ish), easy to handle and store. I now have a 7 month and baby #1 is 6.

I have seen (only online) the GT2 and thought, it’s a no brainer, I’ll get that but then I thought that the foot rest looked a bit clunky, the hand brake looked like I would need to remove my hand from pushchair to put on, (thinking of holding other child’s hand or shopping in hand making that tricky)

Belly bar still doesn’t move.

I saw the Oyster Zero Gravity. Loved the canopy, lie flat option, space, weight and handling. But wasn’t sure on the wheels for walking, the flimsy foot rest, and is the fold a bit gimicky and tricky with the front wheels having to be aligned for it to work.

I’m not really sure about other brands.

I’m in the detail here and I’m an overthinker, perhaps you can put my mind at rest with some of the features I think might be an issue but aren’t or suggest something alternate.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks


Eli • 15 May 2022

Hiya, Lisa,

I will start with the GT2 which I actually would recommend you if a non-reversible seat is not a deal.breaker to you, which it seems it isn't. The simple legrest there is actually a very nice thing, as it is made so simply it will actually last better than those overcomplicated luxuriously-looking ones. The GT2 is actually a higher-quality one than most in the category, and the terrain ride at this weight range is almost incomparable to others, so I actually would go for this one and would forget the belly bar non-openability.

About the Oyter Zero Gravity, I actually like a lot about it, had the non-gravity one, and the best about it is the weight and the canopy (which is huge). The leg rest really is a bit weaker and flimsy, though, and terrain ride, well, I actually did go on grass all the time with no problem, but harsh terrain you will feel (and see as wear on the wheels). So, for the city, totally yes, but if you search for durability, BJCMGT2 is the better choice.

And from the other options, I'm actually not sure what you'd love, really, perhaps a Joie Mytrax could fit, but the seat is a bit shorter there.

My own choice from models like this would definitely be the Baby Jogger, the more so if you were happy with it the first time around.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.