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A first-baby pram for all kinds of terrain, traveling, and with a bassinet certified for overnight sleeping

Slosen • 02 Mar 2022


I live just outside Seattle and am having my first child. While we do plan to have a second close in age, I am not sure if a single to double is a good solution for us or if we should just upgrade later if needed.

I anticipate we will use the stroller for daily walks in the neighborhood on pavement, as well as in and out of the car to take on 3+ mile walks on everything from pavement, dirt and small gravel with occassional grass on the weekends. We fly for 2-4 times a year, and I'm not sure if that warrants a separate ultralight or if an everyday isn't too much of a hassle.

I really want a bassinet option to use for overnight sleeping next to our bed.

The US market doesn't seem to offer many carrycot/bassinets rated for overnight sleep (or just difficult to find that info), so I am feeling limted to only the most expensive options, like Uppababy Vista and Bugaboo Fox. I don't mind investing in something quality, but the price tag hurts.

The BabyJogger City Mini GT2 seems promising, but the material isn't awesome and the bassinet looks small (I can't find it in person to check). It also doesn't seem to be rated for overnight sleeping.

The Chicco Corso LE looks nice, but I am skeptical of the quality and it offers no bassinet. My husband is 6'2" so the Mockingbird doesn't seem like an option, and I don't think the bassinet can be used for overnight sleeping. This is strange how some are rated for overnight sleeping and some aren't.

Any suggestions?

Eli • 02 Mar 2022

Hi, Slosen,

I am wondering, do you really not know why some carrycots aren't certified for overnight sleeping? I mean, it is, firstly, mostly not necessary. A carrycot, even if not a small one, is not a very large and you won't use it as a "bed" for your baby more than 5-6 months at the maximum. To get in and out of it at night to breastfeed or just feed from the bassinet is a bit of hell :-D at least if your kid wakes up 5 to 10 times at night like mine did :-D And, lastly, to even be able to "promise" you enough breathability - air and space and good, not harmful materials for your child, it has to be truly designed for that AND made from quality (= more expensive) materials that take all of that into account.

So, if you truly need an overnight-certified bassinet, rather do pay more. I mean, you cannot go over that price tag as it means the input in money was also higher. You know, you can also get the Bugaboo or an Uppababy second hand and be economical as well as ecological. The first baby in there, as I said already, used the carrycot just a few months, so it will be in very good condition.

About the quality of the chassis and all of the features, I am still for your two expensive choices as they are more durable overall. A Mockingbird is a no for me, it is not that high-quality nor spacious. The City Mini GT2 is a good option in terms of quality and push, but if you don't like it, yeah, just let it go - and no, its bassinet is not too small, just average, BUT it is not an overnight usable one.

I also thought of Agio that is quite a nice option available in the US, and even the bassinet should work overnight, BUT it is not large, I'm afraid. For a great bassinet, also check Inglesina prams.

My last piece of advice - rather go for a more quality stroller. AND I personally would not get a bassinet INSTEAD of a cot. The cot is so much more safe, comfortable to get the baby in and out, baby monitor-friendly AND will last much longer. For occasional overnight sleeping, you can always get a travel cot, even a pre-loved one. And you CAN use your pram for traveling, yes - an ultracompact stroller is just a second stroller not that much usable for anything else, so think about that later on, when your child will become a toddler and you need something smaller.

You might not save money with a more expensive stroller. But you'll save your nerves so much... and also, you will sell it MUCH better later on. Even after 2 children.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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