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A double stroller for twins that can take two car seats on board

Nannies • 03 Oct 2021

My daughter is having twins and we are looking for a stroller to accommodate twins... tandem style that can also accommodate car seat-carriers so babies do not have to be disturbed when moving from car to stroller. Which is best stroller you would suggest?

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Eli • 04 Oct 2021

Hello, Nannies,

I will suggest reading this article about double strollers first as I've put quite a lot of suggestions and guidance into that. One of the important things about a double is that the center of gravity - and that is actually much worse with tandems, so that you should take into consideration when deciding between an in-line tandem and a side-by-side.

Next in line, a stroller budget is also very important, and you don't mention that. Lastly, the country you're living in also matters, the choice is different in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world...

Generally, if a tandem is a must-have for you, I'd suggest the tried-and-proven brands like Uppababy or Baby Jogger, so for sure look into those. Perhaps a Peg-Pérego GT4 might also work for you.

If the budget is lower, I would still suggest the better brands while looking on pre-loved prams in classifieds. Don't go for a cheap new stroller if you want comfort while pushing, using your pram, and for the babies inside for sure. If truly insisting on a budget model bought new, I would strongly suggest a side-by-side like a Valco Snap Ultra Duo (or a non-reversible stroller like a Baby Jogger City Mini Double as they are better, quality vs. price-wise, in general.

And lastly, absolutely consider the Bugaboo Donkey as, truly, it's a very versatile model, even if really expensive. I would.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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